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Democrats fill vacancy in District 17 congressional race



Democratic Party officers in U.S. House of Representatives Congressional District 17 have chosen a replacement candidate for the late April Freeman.

Allen Ellison was selected.

Ellison had previously run for the District 17 seat in 2016, but was disqualified due to a mix-up in the filing fee. He founded the Center for Economic & Policy Development Inc. to foster economic growth throughout Central Florida and rural parts of the country.

“After years of constant obstruction in Congress, resulting in division, failed progress and a government shutdown that has cost us almost a billion dollars, it is clear that we must ignite new thinking, restore hope and revive the idea that together, we can move this country forward,” Ellison, of Sebring, said in a statement.

A conference call was scheduled for 9 p.m. Monday evening to select a candidate, after United States District Judge Elizabeth Kovachevich

Allen Ellison


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